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I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you.  It was like Atlas lifting the world off of my shoulders.  If I ever hear of anybody in my dire situation, I will definitely recommend you and your law firm.  Again, I am so grateful for what you have done for me and my family.  I cannot thank you enough.


Thank you for all of your help.  You all have been very pleasant and this experience is day and night from my filing back in Kentucky.  This is a very difficult time for my family and your whole law office should be proud of the job you have done.  I have felt very comfortable in all of my visits and your jobs are very, very well done, above and beyond what I expected.  I want you all to know that I truly appreciate it.


Thank you all so much for your help and support.   Your patience and guidance have been so comforting.  I just wanted to write something to let people know how great you guys are.


In the most difficult time of our lives, we sought help from you guys.  It was the best decision that we ever made.  You handled our case with the most professionalism, compassion and accuracy.  Our stress was relieved immediately from the consultation to the court meeting.  We highly recommend you and appreciate your hard work and the outcome.

Kenneth and Dawn

I was amazed at the difference between the attorneys at court.  Many of the other attorney’s clients were questioned for a long time, but our case and the other Weik cases were only in there a few minutes.  It was shocking!  Terri was so organized and prepared.


When I came into the office, I can tell you that I was suicidal.  I didn’t have much hope in anything, but after coming into the office, things changed.  I finally had a plan to handle all of my bills.  Weik Law Office really saved my life.  Now, I am on a budget, I got rid of all my bills and I finally have a good direction to go in.  I just wanted to truly thank you.


I really can’t believe how easy you guys made this.  We were only in bankruptcy for a few months and now we just got a new car and we don’t have any other bills.  Thanks for making this so easy.

Ed and Cheryl

I have no idea why we didn’t do this earlier.  We were thinking about this for years, but if we would have known how easy you guys made the process, we would have done it way back.  We also thought that when you file for bankruptcy, you lose your stuff.  We did not lose anything.  We would definitely recommend you to anyone who needs help.

Kathleen and Xavier

Thank you for making the day of my case so easy.  Being extremely nervous, I hardly remembered my name, but when I sat before the Trustee, and because of your fine work and preparation, it was indeed better than I had expected.  May I think you again for being my attorney and for making my day so great.


After my separation, I had a ton of bills and was overwhelmed financially.  I had heard both good and bad things about bankruptcy.  When I met with Terri, she was extremely helpful.  We got right down to business looking at my finances.  After leaving the office, I felt a sigh of relief knowing that they were handling everything.  Every one of the staff members was so helpful through the entire process.  Every question that I had was answered in a timely manner and nothing was left to question.  There is not a single reason why I would not recommend Weik Law to anybody in the same situation as myself.


After I filed, I purchased a car at an even lower interest rate than my previous vehicle prior to bankruptcy.  I got rid of all my personal loans and if hadn’t have done this, it would have taken me decades to pay all of this off.  On a couple of occasions, I felt like I was asking too many questions, but each and every time, I got an answer fast.  The responses I got were down to earth and easy for someone without a legal background to understand.


I learned that bankruptcy is a method for wiping the slate clean and starting over.  I think that everyone at some point makes financial mistakes and in some cases, the mistakes could be out of their control.  Maybe you were in a bad marriage like myself or got suckered into buying something that you really couldn’t afford or just spent way too much money in college on credit because you were too young to understand.  In any case, bankruptcy provides a way to forgive those mistakes and try again with more financial knowledge than before.  I would just like to say thank you to Terri and all of her staff.  I appreciated the effort put into my case and the answers to all of my questions that I had for specifics on my situation. I was so shocked that I got her personal e-mail.


Terri was so helpful and we were so confused.  She has such a calming way about her.  We had a business and our case was complicated, but everyone was always easy to reach and very courteous and knowledgeable.  Once we came back, all of the threats and phone calls stopped.  They are amazing.

Darrell and June

After leaving the office, we felt like we could breathe again. After we filed, we were able to enjoy life again.  Their advice was very helpful and professional.

Sean and Veronica

Every situation I had, the office helped out all over.  It helps you feel confident and ready to prepare yourself to control your finances.  It helped me with the situation that I should have avoided in the first place.


Bank of America told me that I could lower my monthly payments by $300 per month for eight months and then it would permanently lower my payments.  I made the payments for the next eight months.  Then, I get a letter telling me that I did not qualify for the modification and that I had to pay $12,400 or they would foreclose on my house.  When I met with Terri, she explained about Chapter 13.  I had years to make up what I was behind and I did not lose my house. I am so thankful that I called them.


You know that feeling when you go into a doctor’s office and they tell you that your medical problems have been cured, that what I felt like after I talked to them.  What a relief.


Why doesn’t anyone tell you that you can wipe out taxes that are over a certain period of time? Does the government not want people to know that? I wiped out tens of thousands of taxes that have been pulling me down since 2003. If I’d have known about this, maybe I wouldn’t have ended up in the hospital with chest pains. Go to Weik Law Office as soon as you can.


The staff really knew what they were doing and I was worried to death about my bills. I wish I would have called you guys years ago. You told me everything I needed to know and even helped me organize everything.


I saw you guys on the website and something about it just drew me to you. When I came in, you were not like what most people think as an attorney. You did not make me feel bad or judge me. After I found out the cost, I went straight to my mother to lend me the money to do this. I was surprised at the cost. It was not near as much as I thought. You guys are the best.